Why Do MLM Rainmakers Sponsor More?

Why Do MLM Rainmakers Sponsor More?

Sure attraction marketing is the way they accomplish sponsoring way more people than you do, however they all share some common traits that most had to “learn”. So if you’re asking yourself “why MLM Rainmakers sponsor and make more money than I do?” you need to first understand what all Rainmakers have in common. I’ll get right to the point and tell you what they all have in common and then go through each trait quickly: Skills, Mindset, & Activity.

Skills for successful network marketing:

Although there are no formal training courses or traditional higher learning degrees associated with MLM or network marketing the majority of Rainmakers must learn the skills necessary to become high performers or million dollar MLM leaders. It doesn’t happen on accident and most Rainmakers struggle just like you did. The difference between someone who is a Rainmaker in the online auction MLM business and you is… the Rainmaker didn’t quit learning. He or she made mistakes, learned from them, sought out guidance and improved because of mistakes. Skills 1 & 2 in network marketing are “coaching” and “marketing”. Coaching ability in combination with marketing ability pretty much equals “Relationship Management”. If you can coach others through building relationships and manage the process through attraction marketing you can reach more people and leverage the internet to manage the relationship. Rainmaker’s are proven coaches and proven coaches will always have a better recruiting (sponsoring) field! Think LSU Football… who wants to live in Baton Rouge, LA? Athletes from all over the country move there to play for Les Miles

So what does this look like? We can use myself as the case scenario. I learned how to present training because my team members (down-line but I hate that term it’s not relational) needed my help. Heck, at first I wasn’t sure how to even help myself but what I learned was they just needed me to encourage them and give them some pointers. A good team member with the right mindset (more on mindset in a bit) will take encouraging confidence from me with a few pointers about lead generation and run with it. They understand it’s their business they just needed to know that they weren’t alone in business. Okay, so at first I was horrible at coaching… I would tell them “hey you just need to get out there and talk to more people, post comments in forums, use your distributor link in articles, etc..” but the feedback was not all that great from them. Telling someone what to do is less effective than showing someone what to do. So to illustrate this I would build “screen capture training manuals” to show step by step on certain activities…later I moved to shooting videos and I continuously communicate through email with all my team members or partners.

When a Rainmaker is asked “how do I become like you?”… they don’t tell them how, they always “show” them how!

Mindset for becoming a Rainmaker:

This is the easiest MLM Rainmaker trait to talk about. It’s short, to the point and direct. This mindset can also be learned but it is much harder than it sounds. Are you ready? Okay… here it is… it’s: Positive Confident Attitude! Yep, that’s it. All Rainmakers share this trait. Think about it for a second. Positive attitudes produce positive results & negative attitudes produce negative results. Now I know what you might be thinking…”sounds great and all but I know some buttheads that are highly successful”. Yes there are people with negative attitudes that are successful but they are very confident! I would challenge though, that at some point that butthead who is successful is going to crash at some point.

Rainmakers wake up every morning ready and excited to start the day. They get chills thinking about making money for the day. They typically are very thankful people who appreciate their families and do not dwell on failures but always learn from them. They will normally shy away from “gotcha” type people and they waste no negative thoughts on non-performers. Hint hint! If you want to work with a rainmaker be very prepared to work, stay focused and do not moan or complain because results do not show overnight.

Activities are what produce Rainmaker results:

Okay so that third common trait is activities. Think about the most successful person you know… how hard is it to get in touch with them? What do they do all day? Yes, that’s right… they plan their days & weeks out for activities that only produce money. They are on the phone, on the computer, shooting videos, developing websites, interacting on forums, and they pretty much eat, sleep & breathe activities. They are very busy people whot constantly analyze their activities and track performance. For example a Rainmaker will know that on Monday’s between 7pm-8:30pm are the best time to schedule webinars for a certain niche group in their time zone because most marketers start off part time. They constantly analyze their team members and partners to focus on working with those with the most potential or show the most future potential. Rainmaker’s will constantly do activity that ends in leads, contacts, and sales.

Another activity is following a system. The Rainmaker knows how to automate to capture leads and follow up. This can also be learned, provided by your primary company or be outsourced. A real Rainmaker keeps his personal activity in line to maximize his relationships while leveraging the internet to touch more people than he could in his local community!

So if you are serious about becoming an MLM Rainmaker, there is only one program I recommend and that is Rich Rainmaker Marketing PLUS. Aside from being the best MLM training online, it gives you all the tools you need and a ton of insider Rainmaker training you can use to build your prospect list and promote your business. It is the ultimate Rainmaker solution to help you and your team get there – regardless of your skill level.

In fact, you can discover exactly how I became a Rainmaker and my short journey to freedom & happiness. Check it out. My free Rainmaker Video Training shows you EXACTLY how you can do the same thing.

It’s time to stop struggling and become a Rainmaker too, wouldn’t you agree?

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