What Are The Advantages Of Full Root Access In Dedicated Server?

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If you were in the market to buy web hosting and wanted a reliable, high-performance and secure platform, you would probably choose Dedicated Server Hosting. Dedicated Servers offer the best performance among all hosting platforms because of how they operate. They usually operate on high-end hardware and host only one website at a time. It lets the website take full advantage of all the resources at its disposal, which means no sharing of resources and no threats to security.

A Dedicated Hosting Server is usually the choice of big companies who value privacy, performance and security over other considerations such as costs. A Dedicated Server in India and elsewhere is the most expensive hosting option. But it offers some significant advantages over other options, such as the ability to get complete control over their hosting environment and fine-tune important parameters with the full root access that Dedicated Hosting offers.

Here are some of the advantages of full root access in a Dedicated Server.

Unrestricted access

A root login has unrestricted access to all the areas of the hosting server, down to the core system level. As such, it is a powerful tool in the hands of a capable site owner. You can install the operating system of your choice and any software systems that your website needs. It also empowers you to add, delete or modify any file on the server.

Enhanced performance

With the full root access you get, you can squeeze more performance out of your configuration with a few tweaks. When you set up your hosting server, you can tune it to perform seamlessly for your specific website. Rather than rely on generic configurations meant for wider compatibility, you can get an enhanced performance for your website.

Customised security

Like it does with performance, full root access lets you customise your Dedicated Server security with a few strategic tweaks. You get the freedom to deploy your mix of security measures and get the flexibility to set them up for maximum protection as well. From firewalls to backups, you get a choice in every aspect of your server’s security.

Improved reliability

Reliability is one of the most crucial considerations in web hosting. A reliable website enjoys maximum uptime and offers a smooth user experience. Regular maintenance is one way to ensure that a server throws up no nasty surprises when they are least expected. Full root access allows you to go deep and carry out thorough maintenance at prescribed intervals.

More efficiency

Resources are often wasted when a hosting server is set up incorrectly. As a result, you end up paying more for higher hosting plans to meet your website’s need for resources. With full root access, you can ensure that all your available resources are being utilised to their fullest potential, without undue wastages.

If you demand uncompromising performance from your website’s hosting platform, Dedicated Server Hosting will tick all the right boxes. Full root access is the ace up its sleeve that enables you to extract the maximum performance out of available resources.

The following video explains why Dedicated Server is worth the additional cost: