The Top Video Marketing and Sales Stats that Matter

April 13, 2022·13 min read

We’ve compiled the top video statistics that matter to businesses with everything from using video for sales calls and virtual conferences to video marketing trends for social media.

We know it can be hard to justify spending resources on a new content type without the data, especially for data-driven businesses. So if you—or your boss—are looking to understand the power of video and want the stats to back it up, then look no further. We’ve compiled the top video marketing statistics that matter to businesses to help you make the best decision for your marketing needs.

Or if you’re a sales leader or rep looking for more intel or insight on how video can grab your prospect’s attention, accelerate deal cycles, and close more business—we’ve got you covered too.

  1. Contents
  2. 1. Video for Sales Statistics
  3. 1.1 Grab Prospects’ Attention
  4. 1.2 Move Deals Forward to Close
  5. 1.3 The Transition to Virtual Selling
  6. 2. Video Marketing Statistics
  7. 2.1 Video Marketing Strategy
  8. 2.2 Video Publishing and Production Statistics
  9. 2.3 Video Length Statistics
  10. 2.4 Stats Around Video Engagement
  11. 2.5 Video Analytics Statistics
  12. 2.6 Online Video Statistics
  13. 2.7 Mobile Video Statistics
  14. 2.8 Video Email Statistics
  15. 2.9 Video SEO Statistics
  16. 2.10 Video Content Marketing Statistics
  17. 2.11 Virtual Conference and Webinar Statistics
  18. 3. Social Media Video Statistics
  19. 3.1 Facebook Video Statistics
  20. 3.2 Instagram Video Statistics
  21. 3.3 LinkedIn Video Statistics
  22. 3.4 Twitter Video Statistics
  23. 3.5 Snapchat Video Statistics
  24. 3.6 YouTube Statistics
  25. 3.7 TikTok Video Statistics

Video for Sales Statistics

Using video for sales has quickly become a priority for forward-thinking businesses that are looking for the best ways to communicate with their audience and potential customers. The use of one-to-one video (most often used in sales conversations) has exploded in recent years. Looking at the video statistics below, it’s clear that sales reps would be smart to include video in their sales campaigns.

Grab Prospects’ Attention

  • 71% of sales pros agree that video email outperforms text-based email. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • The use of video in sales and customer conversations was reported by 59% of teams, outranking the distribution of business video on YouTube for the first time ever. (Vidyard, 2022)
  • People are 13% more likely to remember details from video emails over text emails. (B2B DecisionLabs, 2021)
  • Nearly 90% of sales professionals report the importance of accessing video viewing data to qualify leads, engage prospects, or influence deals. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Video email can reduce inbox fatigue and help recipients retain more of the message when compared to text-based email. (B2B DecisionLabs, 2021)
  • Using video for sales outreach has increased response rates for more than 70% of sales reps. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Top-performing sales reps favor cold calls over cold emails, and video is emerging as a top channel. (McKinsey, 2020)
  • 58% of viewers watch a business-related video all the way through if it’s less than 60 seconds. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Of the sellers who use custom recorded videos, 70% say that video emails produce more opens, clicks, and responses than text emails. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • 46% of people remember details from a text email, but 59% of people remember details from a video within an email. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Hybrid video (a recording of yourself and your screen) garners the highest response rate over selfie-style or traditional screen recording videos. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Many financial services professionals feel like they have gotten to know clients or customers (66%), vendors and partners (50%), and leadership (42%) better by interacting through video more often. (Atomik Research, 2022)
  • Globally, 61% of buyers say they can get as much value from meeting suppliers over video conference as they can from in-person visits. (McKinsey, 2022)
Video Trend Predictions
“B2B sellers will become experts at creating and engaging with video. As buyer preferences collide with pandemic-related realities, 40% of B2B reps told us in a recent survey that they plan to modify their tactics to adapt to remote selling activities. Traditionally limited to email, phone calls, and screen–sharing interactions, sellers will look for more dynamic ways to earn buyers’ attention.” Forrester blogs– Predictions 2021: Grounded Sellers Fly In The Face Of Old Norms, October 2020
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Move Deals Forward to Close

  • 93% of sellers, marketers and customer experience reps report that video converts the same or better than any other content form. (Vidyard, 2022)
  • Close rates have increased for over 50% of sales pros who leverage video as part of their deal cycle. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • SaaS companies’ proposals that have video see a 41% higher close rate. (Proposify, 2020)
  • Event Services company proposals that had video experience a whopping 103% higher close rate. (Proposify, 2020)
  • The top three online video platform functionalities used in video strategies across sales, marketing and customer experience include video performance analytics, in-video calls to action (CTAs), and channel performance analytics. (Vidyard, 2022)
  • 76% of sales professionals believe that accessing video viewing data to help qualify leads, engage prospects, and influence deals are important, compared to 67% of marketers. (Vidyard, 2022)
  • The average product demo synchronous video call lasts 29 minutes and takes 79% of the meeting. (Zoom/Chorus, 2019)
  • Deals that are closed/won used video 18.5% more than deals that are closed/lost. (Zoom/Chorus, 2019)
  • Deals that are closed/won used screen sharing (on synchronous video calls) 26.3% more often than deals that are closed/lost. (Zoom/Chorus, 2019)
  • The use of video in customer and sales conversations, as well as prospecting, increased by 93% since 2019. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Nearly half of sales pros who leverage video say it has shortened their deal cycle. (Vidyard, 2021)
  • Adding a video to your proposal can increase close rates by up to 41%. (Proposify, 2022)
  • Video drives 56% higher proposal engagement and helps close your deal 26% faster. (Proposify, 2022)

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