My 3 Words for 2021

My 3 Words for 2021

Thank BUDDHA that it is 2021! Due to the fact 2006, I’ve been recommending that persons choose 3 phrases to information their steps and choices above the 12 months to occur. You’ve shared with me 14 yrs of your activities with more to appear, I want to share with you how this operates because I want you to opt for your possess 3 words and share them all around. (We use the hashtag #my3words when sharing so that some others can discover your illustrations.)

What is My 3 Words About?

The My Three Phrases concept is simple. Pick out 3 phrases (not 1, not 4) that will help information your selections and steps working day to working day. Consider of them as lighthouses. “Should I say indeed to this undertaking?” “Well, does this align with my a few phrases?”

How to Choose A few Terms

I began this process back again in 2006. Back then, my 3 text have been “Ask. Do. Share.” I picked these incredibly very simple text and they served me pretty perfectly. 1 of my most effective a long time at any time. When I asked issues, I learned. When I took action primarily based on what I acquired from asking, I created extra ground and took in excess of more of the universe. When I shared what I acquired with anyone, I built connections and some mates.

Pick any three words you truly feel will guide you ahead. I can notify you a couple of issues about this:

  • Don’t make it a phrase. “Publish the book” is a horrible preference. “The” is squandered.
  • Test to make the text actionable. “Expand” is better than “bigger.”
  • The more utilitarian the word can be, the much better. These phrases have to be your compass.
  • Stick with the 3 text all calendar year. Just about every time I’ve altered a person a thirty day period or two later on, the yr mucks up. I cannot describe it. But I can report it.
  • Decades where I have tried using “fancy” text with layers of which means, I missing the thread. Use simple terms, it’s possible.
  • BUT the text do not have to suggest something to anybody but you. Do not fear about describing them.

Review Them Each day

The more you evaluation your 3 text, the superior. I have mine developed into my every day planning guides and motion stacks. I test utilizing them for a mantra when I can. From time to time on walks, I just repeat them in excess of and in excess of. I like to reflect on them and meditate a very little with those phrases in thoughts.

Past Iterations of My 3 Phrases

2006 – Inquire. Do. Share
2007 – Request. Body. Create. Bridge (indeed, that was 4. It also was a fewer effective yr.)
2008 – Consider. Loops.Farm
2009 – Equip. Armies. Needles
2010 – Ecosystems. Homeowners. Kings
2011 – Reinvest. Offer. Stream
2012 – Temple. Untangle. Follow
2013 – Walt. Ender. Monchu
2014 – Way of life. Monchu. Black.
2015 – Program. Leverage. Material.
2016 – Property. Shine. Gain.
2017 – Move.Voice.Match
2018 – Ritual. Execute. Value
2019 – Station. Stacks. Motion.
2020 – Press. Structurequence. Deal

And My 3 Terms for 2021 Are:

Showrunner – Not only do I imply this literally. I’m operating The Backpack Clearly show and at minimum a few other demonstrates in 2021, I’m working with the strategy of a showrunner to demonstrate how corporations will need to believe about their manufacturer strategically in all their communications, marketing, and interactions. It is a significant phrase for me in 2021, so I’m not apprehensive that I’ll falter on it.

Monk – 2020 gave us the reward of a large amount fewer sounds. We thus could see wherever our lives were being continue to a bit far too messy. I strategy to run significantly additional deliberately and just in many places of my everyday living. For occasion, I’ll get rid of my motor vehicle solely (Lyft’s high-quality for how hardly ever I need an actual experience). I’ll pare my wardrobe down to 6 of every thing and just do a load of laundry on working day 6. I’ll consume basically. I’ll meditate and journal (I started 12.9.20 and heading solid so much.)

Choices – Someplace in the vicinity of the conclusion of 2020, I reflected that “leadership is choice management.” If your workforce has too a lot of possibilities, they shed aim and flounder. If they come to feel trapped (absence of selections), they sense pressure and stress. I survived 2020 since of always in search of the option. Searching for a up coming transfer. Those next moves held me housed and fed in 2020. I’ll do even greater with my choices in 2021.

Your Change

Share your #my3terms strategies on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, wherever. Spread them significantly and broad. This gets SO substantially much more enjoyment when I get to see your words and hear their meanings, and recognize how you prepare to make your 2021 amazing. Bear in mind to use the hashtag so that all of us can discover it. Okay?

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