May 6, 2021

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It's a Business Adventure

Marketing strategies for achieving business expansion and success

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Having a business will require you competing with several companies, some of which started before you, some started the same time you started, while others will start after you. When it comes to how successful you are going to be in that business, it would depend on the strategies that you have been able to develop and implement as a business. One of the strategies that companies must put in place to be successful in their business is marketing strategies. This article will discuss 2 of such major marketing strategies using examples of a company that is using the strategy.

Brand strategy is one of the types of marketing strategy that you could employ to move your business forward. Across every type of business, there is at least one company that is striving majorly on the reputation that they have been able to develop over the years. When it comes to fashion, several companies are successful majorly on their brand. Some of them are reputed for being luxurious or for a particular niche such as suits, t-shirts, cap, jewellery, shoes, etc.

One such brand that is reputable for their brand is Ralph Lauren. Over the years, many people have come to know about Ralph Lauren in various ways. In most cases, companies who want to be known for their brand will often make use of celebrities who would use their products. For clothing, they could sign a famous sportsperson or team as their ambassador. This way, whoever that they sign will always put on a cloth carrying their logo whenever they are playing the sports. Considering that most sports often have billions of followers, top sportsperson often has millions of followers. Hence, they will be able to see the logo on a sportsperson that they love, they will subsequently want to put on the cloth.

It is now common to see someone wearing a polo or face cap that has the logo of the man on a horse and holding a staff. This is because Ralph Lauren has been able to build a brand over the years that have become very popular. Thus, most individuals also want to have at least one copy of their branded t-shirt or other products in their collections

Online reviews and Youtube
Another major marketing strategy that you could employ as a fashion company or any other type of company is online reviews and Youtube. You try to ensure that you deliver satisfactory services to your customers. You subsequently encourage them to leave reviews for you on independent reviews platform. When other prospective customers come across the reviews, they would be convinced to patronize you.

It is also possible to make videos promoting the product that you can upload on your channel. There is also the option of paying on Youtube for a few such videos to be played to those who want to watch video on the platform. People love watching videos, especially interesting ones or videos they are interested in. Hence, making the video interesting will be a plus.

A fashion company like Zaful is one such company that is using online reviews and Youtubes as their major form of marketing. While Zaful has not become a household name or with most people not able to identify their logo, they have been able to get some loyal customers and continue to attract new ones. Some people come across the online reviews and videos of Zaful while surfing the Internet or searching for a reputable fashion brand that they can patronize. They will subsequently proceed to Zaful website to look at their collections and make an order.

Hence if you are a fashion company or deal with other products, you might want to perfect your brand or use online reviews and Youtube videos as an effective form of marketing. The brand marketing strategy could cost a lot of money if you want to sign ambassadors. However, online reviews and Youtube videos are likely to cost you significantly lesser. This is considering you can release the video at your own pace, maybe just once a month. It is also free to upload them to Youtube and very affordable to pay for Youtube adverts. All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.