Kenya Steps Up to Promote Agriculture Sector

Kenya Steps Up to Promote Agriculture Sector

Nearly 80 per cent of Kenyans depend on agriculture or food processing for their livelihood. Nearly 80 percent!

The above statement tells a lot about what agriculture is to Kenya and its people.

Now even the Kenyan government has pulled up its socks and launched a series of agriculture-friendly policies and schemes to promote the sector like never before.

The corporates are also tying up with the leading learning and skills development companies to train Kenyans for different areas of agriculture through different training programs, such as agriculture sales training in Kenya, which improve the productivity of farm agents and see distributors.

The corporates are also promoting the agriculture training in Kenya as part to their corporate social responsibilities. With the support of learning and skill development companies, they are skilling the youth from the disadvantaged and economically weaker sections of the society and making them ready for the job market in the agriculture sector.

The CSR programs benefit corporates in two ways: they give back to the society by equipping the youth with employable skills, and second, they end-up creating a pool of talented people that they can use for their businesses, which is essentially linked to the agriculture.

The learning and skills development companies have been playing a crucial role in building an employable Kenya.

Understanding the urgent need for skilled manpower in agriculture that is well familiar with the modern agricultural practices like production, processing and marketing, the leading corporate social responsibility companies or learning companies collaborate with the key stakeholders to provide highly relevant and thus effective training solutions to positively impact the entire value chain of the agricultural sector.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) companies partner with corporates to set-up joint academies that impact key business outcomes. To be precise, the specialists engage with clients, conduct need diagnosis study and also provide consulting framework for the creation of these joint academies. These joint academies with clients are designed to ensure sustained standards of performance and enhance productivity.

The agriculture related training solutions, such as agriculture training in Kenya, ensure speedier delivery and better ROI on investments in training & skill development. For example, the agriculture sales training programme improves the productivity of farm agents and seed distributors.

Looking at the way things are taking shape, we’ll soon have a Kenya that will be self-dependent for food, and emerge as an important member of the global family.

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