Female Sues 76ers Owner’s Residence Organization Soon after Head Was Caved in by Chair That Fell Off Penthouse

New York Metropolis resident Annabel Sen is suing a assets corporation owned by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin right after her head was caved in by a chair that fell from his penthouse.

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In accordance to a duplicate of the grievance shared with Folks, 24-calendar year-aged Sen was walking down the avenue in the vicinity of Union Sq. on Jan. 25 when “a hefty wood lounge chair” fell from a 12th-ground penthouse above and hit her.

She suffered a “severe traumatic mind injury” which required her to undergo emergency medical procedures at the time of the incident. Sen, who labored in private equity at the time and had applied to Harvard Healthcare University to pursue a master’s diploma in the drop, has had two added surgeries because and now life with “permanent and debilitating injuries.”

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“She has gone through three brain surgical procedures. We are hoping that she returns to complete cognitive qualities, but the potential is nevertheless unclear at this stage. She experienced a horrific harm. Frankly, she’s blessed to be alive,” her attorney, Benedict Morelli, tells Folks.

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“There was actually no cause for this to come about,” lawyer Benedict Morelli said

Morelli continues, “Annabel’s spirit and optimism are a testament to her character. She remains fully commited to her restoration and is making development every day.”


Sen is suing the penthouse owner, GR Realty Holdings, which is the keeping organization that Rubin owns. Other defendants shown involve the condominium board, developing administration organization, and the males leasing the 12th-ground condominium at the time of the incident.

A spokesperson for Rubin explained to NBC New York that he has not lived in the setting up for more than a year. Reps for the sports staff proprietor did not straight away answer to PEOPLE’s ask for for comment.

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“The piece of unsecured terrace furnishings was prompted to fall thanks to the carelessness, recklessness, and carelessness of the Defendants, their agents, servants and/or workers,” the complaint claimed, introducing that the defendants “permitted a foreseeable hazard to exist, and that foreseeable hazard—an unsecured lounge chair on a terrace 12 tales significant in windy, rainy conditions.”

Subsequent the incident, the constructing was issued a quotation by the New York City Division of Structures and was fined $6,250.

“Mr. Rubin and the other defendants need to have foreseen the potential for this to manifest and taken acceptable precautions,” Sen’s attorney tells Men and women. “This does not occur with no carelessness. It’s not an act of God. I’m likely to keep them liable.”

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