Does Your Website Tell a Story to Build Your Credibility And Educate Customers?

The best way to attract customers to your business is to make them understand what sets you apart from the competition. Your website’s homepage is a great place to start by listing your company’s strengths and why you are better than your competitors, back up your claims with evidence on the rest of the website by using efficient website design services in New Orleans.

There are several things you should include on your website to highlight excellent performance and build credibility.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are the best way to establish your credibility and tell the world that your products and services work as promised. Include testimonials from satisfied customers about how your product or services improved their lives. Personalize these messages with customer names, locations, and photos. If you can get testimonials from known sources such as magazines and newspapers or industry leaders, you can have an even more significant impact on potential customers. Remember to display the best testimonials on your home page and the rest on a separate testimonials page.

Testimonials have a considerably positive effect on visitors because they have been written by a third party and provide an unbiased view of your company and its products.

FAQ and ‘About Us’ Pages

On your FAQ Page, list the most frequently asked questions and answers. This page helps you save time and resources that would otherwise be spent answering common queries on the phone or via email.

The purpose of an ‘About Us’ page is to give your visitors an idea about you, your business, its goals, and the company staff. Add personalized messages and photos of yourself and your team on this page to assure your customers that they are dealing with real people.

Full Contact Information

An essential step in establishing your credibility and genuineness is to provide visitors with your full contact details, including phone number, fax, address, and email address. This information should be available in an easy-to-find place on your site. Even better, include your phone number and email address on every page.

News and Announcements page

Including press releases and news information about your business and industry is also an essential piece for your website. Displaying positive news from third party sources helps establish credibility. Show an abstract of the information and provide links to the source. Alternatively, you can seek permission from the media source to display these articles. Also, get permission to display their logo so that customers can quickly identify the source of the story.


You can send out emails and e-newsletters to your current and prospective customers. Give a brief write up about the news and a link to see the full article.

Offline Publicity

In addition to promoting your business and website online, use offline advertising methods as well. For instance, get your local newspapers to publish an article about the coverage you got in national media.


Online video is a great way to highlight your company’s strengths, conduct virtual tours, and demo products and services. If the videos are good, other sites may also agree to host them, thus increasing your reach. To have the greatest impact, make sure the videos have a professional look and feel to them.

Use these tools to establish credibility, educate your customers about your business, and make a connection with them. Tell them an interesting and credible story, back it up with great products and services, and they will start to spread the word about your business.