2 Channels for Targeting Tech Personas, Part 2/2

2 Channels for Targeting Tech Personas, Part 2/2

By Earn Salyards, Promoting Advisor at Heinz Marketing

B2B marketers concentrating on tech personas know properly at this point that they make attribution frustratingly difficult. We know the place to reach them, but they are notoriously skeptical and personal. So, how do we make attributions or seize qualified prospects when a opportunity tech get in touch with is relocating by way of your content like a ghost? I find it around unattainable. That’s why you want to make use of other procedures and channels. Two channels I see as staying notably promising are Stack Overflow and Reddit. To me, these two channels hold the probable for approaching complicated tech personas, making trust, and most likely getting them self-identify. This is the 2nd of a two-section weblog post. Examine the initial component on Stack Overflow here.


A whole lot has been prepared about promotion on Reddit about the final several decades, most of it adverse. And, I will confess that there are points about Reddit to be careful about, this kind of as model security. Even so, I imagine that Reddit has potential as a channel with the appropriate use case–targeting complex personas. 

Reddit’s published greatest methods persuade wide ad campaigns focused based mostly on interest groups. Even so, this isn’t the ideal method for concentrating on tech personas in this situation. The far better way is to goal your Reddit campaign dependent on precise communities–subreddits–and to retarget. By targeting based on community, you’ll have a lesser but much more relevant viewers than you would by creating your marketing campaign on interest places. 

Deciding on communities

When deciding on communities to focus on, hold these 3 issues in intellect:

  • Appropriate subject matter
  • Skilled slant
  • Fantastic moderation

Your specific communities ought to be pertinent to your qualified persona and products, have aspects of a experienced community, and have very good moderation guidelines that maintain it brand-harmless and on subject matter. If these utilize to your focus on communities, they are fantastic to go. 

Other factors

Reddit Advertisements is even now a function in development for the organization. They are nevertheless introducing to the platform and refining their methods. This helps make it extremely dynamic in what you can do as an advertiser, but it also usually means you have to stay up to date with the platform if you are working with it. Reddit also has a normally advertisement-skeptical audience, a lot like Stack Overflow. Your ads ought to aim on furnishing benefit, fixing challenges, and avoiding overtly “marketing” discuss. 

If you get the time to get to know Reddit as a platform, it can be a sound channel to check out when focusing on specialized personas and can have a broader variety of subject areas protected when compared to Stack Overflow, this sort of as mechanical engineering or architecture. 

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